New Rental Skis

The Rental Shop has been gutted and a completely new system is being installed. Not only will the skis on the racks be our brand new Elan skis, the actual racks will be new as well! The way people receive their equipment will be different: No more up a ramp and then down the steps. Individual stations are being designed to help our guests move through rentals faster. One of these stations will be devoted to snowboards.
Kirby, BV's Rental Shop manager, is excited about our new equipment, the new stations-type floor plan, and the degree to which these changes will help us serve our guests better. Stop by the Rental Shop on our Open House Day (Saturday, November 14, 2009) to see the new equipment and the renovation-in-progress. A huge Thank You! to Kirby and all the Friends of Buena Vista that have committed themselves to making these upgrades possible.