to ALL the organizers of the
Frozen Chozen Competition

And the WINNERS are...

1. Brooke Dickenson Carlos
2. Brittney Peterson Alexandria
3. Kaylee Carlson Alexandria

11 & Under
1. Bailey Johnson Bemidji
2. Alacio Turney Bemidji
3. Reese Bogatzki Alexandria
4. Tanner Siegel Bemidji

1. Dylan Tillemans Bemidji
2. Ben Bowman Bemidji
3. Richard Seado Bemidji
4. Matt Johns Bemidji
5. Tyler Hemp Bemidji

15 & Up
1. Dylan Holler Bemidji
2. Kyle Hansen Alexandria
3. Ian Anderson Bemidji
4. Chase Bogatzki Alexandria
5. Ryan Andree Bemidji

1. Joey Peterson Champlin
2. Chris Ratondo Bemidji
3. Dylan Holler Bemidji

1. Darren Schmidt Bemidji
2. Jake Letson Bemidji

Photos & sidebar video compliments of Jack from NO COMPLY


Church-Wide Days

Notice: Due to poor weather on 1/23/10, Church-Wide Day is extended to Mar 13.
Churches are welcome to visit Buena Vista any day we are open. Simply make a reservation. Church-Wide Specials are days when we allow individual church members to get the group rate.

Church-Wide Specials

Feb 27 Mar 13

Skiing & Snowboarding 10am - 8pm
Tubing 12 – 6pm

$20 Lift Ticket
$15 Ski Package
$25 Board/Ski Combo Package
$10 Tubing (2 hour session)**

*One switch only. Some restrictions apply
**Must be 42” tall. Some restrictions apply

All church members are eligible for this offer.
No minimum # required. Check-in on 3rd Floor.
Great for smaller sized church groups.

~ Fun & Simple ~

Bemidji, MN

get updates by cell-phone at twitter.com/bvskiarea


Home School Families

NOTICE: Home School families are welcome to the school rate ANY Thursday or Friday we are open to other schools. No minimum number required but a reservation is necessary.
Home School Rates

January: Fridays

February: Thursdays & Fridays


Any-Age Pricing for all participants.
$10 Lift
$10 Ski Rental
$20 Board Rental new lower price!
Rental equipment must be returned by 3pm
FRIDAYS ONLY: Additional $4/Lift & $4/Rental to stay beyond 3pm
Make payment directly to Buena Vista. Each family/person may pay separately.
Check in on 3rd Floor for Tickets & Rental Forms
Rental Forms are not valid until stamped by BV staff.
Each participant on the slopes must have a BV lift ticket or Bunny Hill ticket displayed.
Buena Vista has a "NO CROCK POTS or electrical food appliances" policy due to our fire codes and insurance requirements.
Please do not bring these appliances on your ski day.
Please enjoy your own cold picnic-style lunch or meals from our Cafe menu.
For more information call 218-243-2231 or 800-777-7958



NO COMPLY & Jack Deleo
sponsored the new rail that was installed in the Buena Vista Terrain Park today.
Just in time for the FROZEN CHOZEN RAIL JAM
to be held this Saturday!
Here's the contest part:
I will leave a FREE LIFT TICKET at the ticket window Saturday morning for the person that can email me...
1. Your FULL NAME and correct age?
2. How long is the new NO COMPLY rail?
3. What is the name of the lake at the bottom of Buena Vista's new terrain park?
lake shown in the photo below
I reserve the right to ignore all entries that have incorrect or incomplete information, come in after the winning entry, or get delivered after the contest is closed.
You don't get to win if you are associated with NO COMPLY or Buena Vista in any way, or if you sold, bought, welded, built, painted, hauled, or unloaded the rail in any way.
Some restrictions apply. No cash value. No whining. No anything that makes me regret running little contests like this for the fun and benefit of the interested public.
Good Luck!
btw, here's my email again: groups@bvskiarea.com


Terrain Park Photos: CONTEST CLOSED

Ever wish you could get credit for just paying attention?

I will mail a coupon good for $10 off any regular priced Saturday or Sunday morning Lift Ticket to the first person that emails me the correct "name" of this particular feature.

Send your answer to groups@bvskiarea.com, along with your full name and address.

The first person to get it right AND provide the necessary info needed for me to send them mail will be the lucky winner.

Your email address will be put in my confidential mail list. So don't play if you don't want to hear from Buena Vista occasionally. Void where prohibited. All rights reserved. No cash value. No obligation. No rain checks. No whining. Participation may vary. Etc. etc. etc.


Terrain Park Glimpse

I have yet to trek over to the new terrain park area. In a quest to see this mysterious wonder, John Dickinson was sent, with camera in hand, to take photos of it and bring them back to the office. I shall dole out his offerings this week like Tropical Skittles to remind us all that -35 degrees can't last forever.

Patrick from Ski School does some cool stuff on one of the features. I need to learn the names of these things. Matt from Lifts gave me a list of crazy words and little scribbles that I should have studied more closely. I suspect learning this new vocabulary won't increase my coolness factor. But at least I will be better able to describe what's out there in the new park.