Important Announcements

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Anyone with a 2/26/11 Lift or Tubing ticket on their jacket
gets half-price entrance into the Logging Days event.

Logging Days is giving away some
awesome Lift Ticket/Ski Rental coupons. 
Get your horse and sleigh ride fix on Saturday,
then use your coupon to go skiing another day!


Our Very Own Prairie Home

Suzanne Thomas, owner of Buena Vista Ski Area, happily poses with Garrison Keillor.
Last week, while the NPR Prairie Home Companion Show was in Bemidji to do a local broadcast, the entire cast and crew visited Buena Vista for a Lumberjack Breakfast. 
Bright and early Sunday morning, pancakes and sausage were served to the crew of approximately 80 people. 
Then everyone boarded horse-drawn sleighs, driven by members of the local Whoa & Go Harness Club, for a little "Over the river & through the woods..."

One lucky driver had his sleigh embellished with words from Garrison Keillor's very own pen. 
Even though I wasn't one of the BV people that got to meet the cast and crew of the beloved Prairie Home Companion Show, I'm sure that all of those that did felt it was a great honor to host a meal and sleigh ride for these terrific radio artists.  (lucky ducks!)
Thanks for your visit Mr. Keillor!


Boarding Clinic

A one night snowboarding clinic,
co-sponsored by Bemidji Parks & Recreation, No Comply, and Buena Vista
was held February 4.
A team of snowboarding enthusiasts/experts from No Comply and BV spent 3+ hours teaching youth about safety, slope rules, gear, and snowboarding technique.
We wish all the participants the best as they master their new sport. 
And many thanks to the volunteers that made this a great clinic for the kids!



CLICK on poster to enlarge.
Registration: 10am-Noon
Competition:  Noon-4pm
Waiver available at www.bvskiarea.com soon.


HELMETS... (smart)

Do you need to wear a helmet when you ski or board or tube?
Buena Vista does not require helmets, except for people that enter competitions in the terrain park...
like the one that will be held Sunday, Feb 13th.
However... HELMETS are ALWAYS a good idea.  BV would like to encourage everyone to wear a helmet.
We sell them in our ski shop here, and they are available elsewhere too.  Ask for a WINTER SPORTS HELMET.
Go to www.lidsonkids.org for detailed reasons why you and your kids should be wearing helmets and for fit and buying instructions.