Happy New Year!

Michelle, Lisa, and Suzanne Thomas
enjoying a sunny day at BV
From the Thomas Family,
and all the staff members of Buena Vista:
We wish you a splendid and blessed Happy New Year.
photos by Jen Laitala


Public Sleigh Ride

Horse drawn sleigh rides will be offered to the public
Monday December 27th
from 1:00-2:30pm
$3 per person

Family Fun on 12/23!

The Bowen Family ready for a sleigh ride.
Tubing with a friend!

Don't miss our upcoming
Family Fun Night!
Dec 31  New Year's Eve
$6 Lift        $6 Ski      $6 Tubing



Almost full moon rising over Continental on Sunday evening.
Photo courtesy of Clancy Erickson.


Opening Day!

Many thanks to Laurie Miller Dickinson for sending me some fresh photos of our
Opening Day!
Emerging from Rentals

Independence in the lift line.

At the top.



Gift Shop!

Michelle and some of the new styles from the Gift Shop.
We have a huge variety of styles, colors, graphics, and sizes to choose from.
Stop by during your hot chocolate break this weekend to take a look.
The gals behind the counter would be happy to help you try on 15 different hats and 10 different sweatshirts until you find just the right one.
Sweatshirts, T-shirts and other BV Gear make great Holiday gifts too.
So do a little holiday shopping for your snow fanatics during our fantastic WHITE-OUT FRIDAY, the day after Thanksgiving.


Snow Storm!

There is only one word to describe the type of snow that fell during yesterday's snow storm:
These photos were taken Monday around Noon.
Many more inches fell after that.
Twelve inches in all.
Amazing. Helpful.
And oh-so BEAUTIFUL.

Hello Winter.
I must say your first impression was BRILLIANT!

pssst: there are 3 snowguns operating now, with more to be connected throughout the day


Free Drawing Winners

We would like to thank these folks for attending the
Open House.
We hope you had a good time.
We hope you enjoy your free drawing gift.
And we hope to see you again this winter.
Congratulations to the following winners!
Grace McCoy Bagley BV Season Pass
Kim Schoeneberger Bemidji BV T-Shirt
Megan Cobb Bemidji BV T-Shirt
Kayla Dewitt Bemidji BV Tubing Ticket
Zack Anderson Fosston BV Tubing Ticket
Sarah Moen Bemidji BV Lift Ticket
Andrea Holmes Fosston BV Lift Ticket
Austin Surber Walker $100 Play-It-Again Gift Card
Jeff Loewe Bemidji 2 Red Lodge Tickets
Katelyn Westlund No Comply Gift Card
Hanah Larson Solway Home Place Goggles


Big Cables

I wasn't there...so this story is limited in scope. But I found the pictures Suzanne (owner) took so compelling that I wanted to share this photo essay with you.
Replacing the Counterweight Cable
To offset the load created by the combined weight of the people that ride the chairlift, each lift is equipped with a counterweight suspended with cable. The counterweight cable is separate from the haul cable from which the chairs are suspended.
Below, you can see Don standing on the counterweight. It is a large cement stone which weighs approximately 32 thousand pounds. Since it is suspended by cable, it is free to move slightly depending on the "skier load."

Before the old cable can be swapped for the new, the entire apparatus has to be chained off and secured so the weight does not free fall.

Then the new cable is threaded in the grooves as the old cable is slowly pulled out.

Once the new cable is in place, all the stabilizers are released and everything gets inspected for safety.

This was a strenuous, slightly anxious bit of work...not to mention freezing cold as well.
Thanks Don, Eric, Max, and John for all you do.


Open House Photos

Prior to the big moment...Gear coming in. All lined up. Almost time to open the doors...
Let the Gear Sale begin!

Matt and Olivia helped decorate the night before.
Thank you!

Ken and Sharon Pankow and family from Play It Again Sports
I appologize for listing your name incorrectly, Sharon.

The gals from Martin's Ski Shop in Nisswa, MN

John Dickinson checking out some snowboard boots
at the No Comply booth with owner, Jack Deleo.
Does this mean we're going to see you on a snowboard this season, John?



Board Bindings & Poles

Buena Vista is a unique place to work in that many of the employees are cross-trained into several departments.
Take our accountant, "handyman" Drew Rhodes, for instance.
Most of the time Drew can be found at his desk balancing the books.
But for the last several years he has also been invaluable in the Rental Department.
He is often first-on-the-scene when our new equipment comes in.
For the last few days Drew has been reviewing inventory and installing the 50 new sets of bindings we ordered for our snowboards. He still has about 20 to go...but yes...this means NO MORE CLICK-IN BINDINGS in Rentals this year!
Once all the bindings are installed, he also has to inventory the 125 pairs of Leki poles that were delivered last week.
Thanks, Drew, for all you do to make Rentals better each year!


Up on the Bull Wheel

John Dickinson (Outside Manager) and Don Thomas (Owner)
You would be surprised how much work goes in to being ready for winter.
Every inch of our towers, hills, lifts, and equipment needs to be checked over and prepared for service.
It takes several months of mechanical preparation to be open that first big day of the year.
The next time you are riding the Continental Lift, think about John, the guy that changes the lightbulbs on top of the towers.
But remember, don't try that at home...
or here, because we would have to rip your ticket.



to Amy Mattfield and her two sons, Wyatt and Cal!
Amy won the Season Pass to Buena Vista
that was donated to the drawing held during the
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new Bemidji Skate Park.
See you on the slopes!

Ribbon Cutting @ Bemidji SKATE Park

Something really awesome happened yesterday...
The brand new
Bemidji Skate Park
was officially opened with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
This park has been a long time in the making.
It started out as a dream.
But with the hard work and fundraising efforts of many community members...
It is now a reality.
And what a COOL place it is!
Buena Vista was happy to be a part of the excitement and action.
We know that the folks that are flying around on skateboards all summer
are often the same folks that hang out on the hills at BV during the winter.
Skateboarders zoomed everywhere.
Truthfully, they reminded me of hornets swarming around a nest...
but in a cool way.
Kids were hanging out in clumps, thoroughly at home in this new space.
The enthusiasm and excitement of youth was crackling in the air.
Even the parents were grinning like fools.
Hey, I admit it.
Well, probably because our kids finally have this great place to practice, show off,
and have a blast.

And one of the leaders in the effort to bring the community this great place...
Jack and the gang at No Comply not only worked countless hours on this project,
but they also made it a great party yesterday by
sponsoring a competition,
providing complete skateboards as prizes,
and throwing cool loot like stickers, hats and shades into the crowds.

BV staff looks forward to working with No Comply again this year
to inspire us with new ideas for our Terrain Park.
No Comply will also be at our Open House on November 13th
with their new snow gear for the season.
Stop by and say HI!


Ski Patrol News

Buena Vista Ski Patrol has been busy preparing for another snow season. Members have been volunteering time to continue construction on the new Patrol Building. The interior walls are being finished with wood siding. And it looks great! Patrollers in the photo below, clockwise from the left: Steve Modich, Gary Pederson, Truman Jackson, Justin Pederson, and the adorable Miss Chloe.
On October 30th the BVSP held its annual OEC Refresher Course. Patrollers reviewed injury scenarios and learned the latest info concerning CPR and Airway Management.
Our Buena Vista community is fortunate that such a committed group of women and men participate in our locally organized National Ski Patrol. Many hours are invested in continuing education to ensure that qualified medical care can be administered in the case of an emergency or injury.

In addition to medical preparation and working on the Patrol Building, our BVSP has a community service project up its sleeve. I'll share the details of that project as soon as they are finalized.



to ALL the organizers of the
Frozen Chozen Competition

And the WINNERS are...

1. Brooke Dickenson Carlos
2. Brittney Peterson Alexandria
3. Kaylee Carlson Alexandria

11 & Under
1. Bailey Johnson Bemidji
2. Alacio Turney Bemidji
3. Reese Bogatzki Alexandria
4. Tanner Siegel Bemidji

1. Dylan Tillemans Bemidji
2. Ben Bowman Bemidji
3. Richard Seado Bemidji
4. Matt Johns Bemidji
5. Tyler Hemp Bemidji

15 & Up
1. Dylan Holler Bemidji
2. Kyle Hansen Alexandria
3. Ian Anderson Bemidji
4. Chase Bogatzki Alexandria
5. Ryan Andree Bemidji

1. Joey Peterson Champlin
2. Chris Ratondo Bemidji
3. Dylan Holler Bemidji

1. Darren Schmidt Bemidji
2. Jake Letson Bemidji

Photos & sidebar video compliments of Jack from NO COMPLY