Big Cables

I wasn't there...so this story is limited in scope. But I found the pictures Suzanne (owner) took so compelling that I wanted to share this photo essay with you.
Replacing the Counterweight Cable
To offset the load created by the combined weight of the people that ride the chairlift, each lift is equipped with a counterweight suspended with cable. The counterweight cable is separate from the haul cable from which the chairs are suspended.
Below, you can see Don standing on the counterweight. It is a large cement stone which weighs approximately 32 thousand pounds. Since it is suspended by cable, it is free to move slightly depending on the "skier load."

Before the old cable can be swapped for the new, the entire apparatus has to be chained off and secured so the weight does not free fall.

Then the new cable is threaded in the grooves as the old cable is slowly pulled out.

Once the new cable is in place, all the stabilizers are released and everything gets inspected for safety.

This was a strenuous, slightly anxious bit of work...not to mention freezing cold as well.
Thanks Don, Eric, Max, and John for all you do.

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