2020-2021 Winter Season
We started making snow on Nov. 29th on Bunny Hill & Julia Vista! 

2018-2019 Winter Season
The snow guns are back up and running. Last weeks warm temps put a hold for a few days, but we are running at full power and will have more runs open for the coming weekend! 

11/27/18 The snow guns are up and running on Continental Divide and South Continental.

11/22/18 The guys have been busy making snow the last several days...We will be Opening up this Weekend for Skiing and Snowboarding!!

2017-2018 Winter Season 

January 23rd, 2017
We have 3 snow guns going on Earle's Happy Trail and on Backside. Making good snow! 
Earle's Happy Trail


December 15th, 2017 
The snow guns have been running since last Wednesday! This weekend we have quite a few runs open. Lots of great snow has been made! 

December 1st, 2017 
The weather looks good next week for snowmaking. 

November 22, 2017 
The snow guns have been running around the clock. Making some amazing snow! There is natural snow falling too. 

November 9, 2017
We officially started making snow for the winter season!!! 


It takes large amounts of snow to get a good base on each hill to be able to groom.

Pete is part of our snowmaking crew.

Our snow machines have been making snow around the clock since Dec. 5th. We appreciate our hard working snowmaking crew. They work long hours in the cold weather. Great snow is being made!

We have officially started making snow!!! We have 7 guns running currently, and will continue as long as the weather permits. (Cooler temps, and low humidity)


The Snow Machines are out and ready to go. Now we just need some good snow making weather and we will fire up the guns! The guys are eager to make a lot of snow this year.

Snow is being made tonight on Sunnyside and Bear Track. The snow is really adding up to some big piles out there. Once we have enough, Eric will spend time spreading the snow out and making a good base.

The guns are going strong now with these cooler temps.
The machines are placed on Continental, South Continental, and in the Tube Park.

It looks like this coming Monday we will resume making snow. We need to have cooler temps, and low humidity to make some good snow that will make for a good base.

Today we started making snow for the first time this season! We have 6 snow guns going strong.

It won't be long until we start making snow! Looks like next week there will be lower temps and cooler nights. Can't wait for the first snow gun to fire up...!

The guys are making snow on Backside and getting it all covered and ready for the weekend! The snow guns really throw out some good snow with this colder weather.

The snowmaking crew has made it possible for almost all front runs to be open. The guns will resume tomorrow and will continue to make snow around the clock.

We are making snow on Continental right now.

We are MAKING SNOW now on Bunny Hill and Julia!

Tomorrow we will fire up the snow guns!

It won't be long until make snow.

Making snow on Backside now! The guys are working hard on getting Backside ready for skiers for the weekend. Let's hope it will be open for Saturday! We thank our snowmaking crew for working around the clock.  

Taken 1/13/14

Taken 1/13/14

The snow guns are making great snow tonight with these temps! Looking forward to awesome conditions over the weekend!

We are officially MAKING SNOW!!! There is one gun going strong on Julia & the other snow guns are being set up!!

The temps are starting to stay in the 30's and it seems that winter is just around the corner. It won't be long until we will fire up the guns to make snow!

The guns were blowing snow all night long on Log Jam and Backside. Awesome temps for the snow guns. 
Last night the snow guns were running strong on the Tubing Hill and Sunny Side. Looked like a blizzard at BV! 
The guns are running strong right now on Continental Divide and will continue throughout the day and night. 

The snowmakers have been keeping the guns going since last night. Continental is starting to look pretty good. 
Last night the guys made snow on Bear Track all night long. They had clear crisp skies with almost no wind. The guns are still going right now. They're getting Bear Track ready for the weekend.

Snowmaking around the clock!! Today all of the guns are at full power blowing snow on Bunny Hill & Julia. 
Creating some good mounds of snow out there! 

Today at approx. 3pm the guys fired up the snowmakers for the first time this winter!! The temps are in the single digits, and therefore some awesome snow is being made!

The temps are dropping and hopefully it'll stay that way now. We will be making snow very soon! 
We'll keep you updated!
We are getting excited to make some snow for this season! We are just waiting for the temps to drop and stay consistent.  
Made snow last night on Continental, Beaver Dam, & Hudson Bay. Finishing up the front side of the hills! 
Great snowmaking temperatures right now. We have 5 guns running right now. Working on Bowl, top of Continental, and Earle's Happy Trail.