NO COMPLY & Jack Deleo
sponsored the new rail that was installed in the Buena Vista Terrain Park today.
Just in time for the FROZEN CHOZEN RAIL JAM
to be held this Saturday!
Here's the contest part:
I will leave a FREE LIFT TICKET at the ticket window Saturday morning for the person that can email me...
1. Your FULL NAME and correct age?
2. How long is the new NO COMPLY rail?
3. What is the name of the lake at the bottom of Buena Vista's new terrain park?
lake shown in the photo below
I reserve the right to ignore all entries that have incorrect or incomplete information, come in after the winning entry, or get delivered after the contest is closed.
You don't get to win if you are associated with NO COMPLY or Buena Vista in any way, or if you sold, bought, welded, built, painted, hauled, or unloaded the rail in any way.
Some restrictions apply. No cash value. No whining. No anything that makes me regret running little contests like this for the fun and benefit of the interested public.
Good Luck!
btw, here's my email again: groups@bvskiarea.com

1 comment:

Buena Vista said...

Tim H. guessed the length 27' which was the closest answer to the question about the rail.

How long is the rail?

Which lake is below the new terrain park?
Larson Lake

Congratulations Tim!