Terrain Park Glimpse

I have yet to trek over to the new terrain park area. In a quest to see this mysterious wonder, John Dickinson was sent, with camera in hand, to take photos of it and bring them back to the office. I shall dole out his offerings this week like Tropical Skittles to remind us all that -35 degrees can't last forever.

Patrick from Ski School does some cool stuff on one of the features. I need to learn the names of these things. Matt from Lifts gave me a list of crazy words and little scribbles that I should have studied more closely. I suspect learning this new vocabulary won't increase my coolness factor. But at least I will be better able to describe what's out there in the new park.


Laurie said...

Sabrina, I love this blog! Because I know the "behind the scenes" task it took to get this, it makes me smile even more :-)

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Tell John I'm willing to see if he can redeem himself. ;)