Are You New?

Buena Vista wants you to
skiing or snowboarding.
But maybe you are new to this whole "down hill" experience?
Maybe you want to try both sports to see which one you like best.
Or maybe buying unfamiliar equipment seems daunting.
Perhaps your youngster is going to be needing different sized equipment every year while she is still growing.
Or maybe your kid is growing so fast you're worried that his shoes aren't going to fit him next month!
Perhaps this just isn't the best time for you to invest in personal snow gear...
Then take advantage of our
This is a season-long, unlimited rental agreement that gives you the option of trying skis one day and a snowboard the next.
Figure out what you like about down hill sports and the required gear.
Grow all you want to! Our rental shop always has the next biggest size.
Make things easy for your pocketbook until you are ready to invest in your sport.
It makes sense.
You just want fun...without the hassle.
You got it!
This offer is available to persons that have never been a member of Buena Vista Ski Area or who have not been members in 3 or more years.

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