Sigh of Relief

After weeks of waiting, days of studying the hourly forecasts, and several attempts which created only puddles; the weather finally graces us with favorable conditions for snow making. John and his crew were just turning on the guns yesterday when I left work.

Then later, returning from Bemidji after dark, I swung into BV to snap these photos. The best view of all was rounding the curve on Co.Rd 15 by the Dickinson Ranch. From that angle the entire hill was visible and draped in clouds of snow. I didn't want to pull over on the side of the road, though. These are photos taken from the parking lot.
The drone of the guns was a constant, gentle roar...and the plumes of snow drifted away like smoke. It was all so mesmerizing and beautiful in the black and white of night.

John and the crew stopped by on their ATV's to say "Hi." What an enormous amount of effort they put in to get this base made: working 'round the clock, repositioning the equipment as the wind changes, dragging hoses, getting soaked with water and half frozen, juggling moisture and electricity... And yet, this endeavor is exactly what they have been impatiently waiting to begin.
The forecast looks good. The frustration of waiting seems to be over. It's a beautiful, snowy relief.


Laurie said...

Beautiful shots Sabrina! John gave me one word last night "possible!" :-) He is as anxious as anyone to see skis and boards on the hills.

Buena Vista said...

It's a go!!!!!

BV will be open Sat and Sun...Dec 5 & 6 from 10am to 5pm


atc.burt said...

What runs will be open, this weekend?

Buena Vista said...

Definitely Julia. Probably Sunflake (Bunny Hill) as well. Possibly one more?

I'll be able to give you a better idea after I speak with John tomorrow: there will be more blog posts about runs and prices.

Thanks for checking in.